Saturday, November 14, 2015

“Lungs” by Still Weeks – A Song Review

     We appreciate the decision by Soundcloud to include the waveforms of the song streams. A waveform will signal approaches of changes in the characteristics of a song, such as the start of a crescendo. If you’re listening to a song for a first time, it is too easy to assume the song isn’t blogworthy after one minute. But upcoming dramatic changes in the dimensions of the waveform often provide an incentive to wait longer.
     The waveform for “Lungs” by Still Weeks is interesting. Even before hitting the play arrow, it’s apparent that “Lungs” includes a hushed introduction and an ending that tails off gradually (diminuendo). While not visible in the waveform, in the middle is the soulful falsetto renderings of Still Weeks.
     Still Weeks is the project of producer Tom Booth. 

     “Lungs” by Still Weeks

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