Monday, November 30, 2015

Rhinos Are People Too – A Band Review

     In a recent conversation about upcoming concert opportunities in our area, there wasn’t much agreement. We were surprised when the person asked with obvious distain, “Well, what do you like, Shoegaze?” Our unruffled immediate response was “Yes!” Shoegaze isn't our “go to” genre. But it is a genre that deserves appreciation, particularly in concert, since the on-stage processing adds another element of visual interest.
     Rhinos Are People Too are generously offering a four-track EP on NoiseTrade (tips appreciated). The offer is embedded below the Soudcloud stream of a song from the EP. Not only do they have one of the more intriguing band names in Indie, they are one of the more interesting Shoegaze bands currently releasing music. We particularly enjoy the song “Pelkuri,” since it blends the characteristic Shoegaze guitar with a a clean guitar experience.

     The members of Rhinos Are People Too are Loes Caels (vocals), Ewout Decraene (bass, synth, vocals), Pieter Vanheeswijck (drums), Frederik Opdeweegh (guitar), Pieter-Jan Decraene (guitar, bass, vocals), and Koenraad Foesters (synths, samples). They are based in Limburg, Belgium. 
     “Pelkuri" by Rhinos Are People Too

     The below EP is available for the mere price of an email address (tips always appreciated, of course).

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