Friday, November 20, 2015

“Young” by Sleeptalk and “In the Air” by Ten Fé – Guitar Driven

     We could try being dishonest by claiming that the back-to-back posts relating to Lyke/Like Giants were planned. Truth is, it’s a coincidence that yesterday’s post was about the Australian band Lyke Giants and this post includes a song by former members of Like Giants, which was an LA band. Given the significance of the baseball rivalry between the LA Dodgers and the SF Giants, the selection of a band name that inplies an appreciation of the Giants was probably unwise.
     “Young” is a song by Sleeptalk. A promotion of this LA-based band stated that their sound lands between Angels & Airwaves and The 1975. We can see that! There are hints of both in “Young,” but certainly more of Angels & Airwaves, both in the vocals and the guitar. The song is anthemic, “We’re just dying to feel alive.”  
     The members of Sleeptalk are Anthony Fitzpatrick (vocals), Jason Fitzpatrick (guitar), Justin Melchor (guitar), Paul McGill (bass) and Jacques Harmandjian (drums). “Young” will be the title track of their EP, which will drop on December 4, 2015.

     “Young” by Sleeptalk

      “In the Air” by Ten Fé is another song with a gravitational pull on guitar lovers. The pull is subtle for the first 94 seconds, but the force then becomes controlling. Ten Fé is primarily Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan, but the Facebook page states that “Rob and Luca” are contributors during live performances.

     "In the Air” by Ten Fé

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