Saturday, November 21, 2015

“Philadelphia” by Edelweiss - An EP review

By Rebecca Gross; Twitter: @becsgross

     Edelweiss opens up their new EP, "Philadelphia," offering a wide variety of sounds and borrowing from many genres with the first song “Winston.” The song initially manifests itself as an ambient and mysterious mingling of noises, but ultimately takes on a progressive rock, wonderfully sloshy sound to it. Especially commendable in this song is the wide range of instrumental versatility. The drums take on many different grooves and patterns throughout just the one song.
     Taking on a punk vibe, the EP continues with “Species,” the most widely listened to track on the album. Slightly more organized than the other songs on the album, this track is easy to listen to and upbeat.
     As the EP continues with two more songs, “Cookies & Brownies” and “Goblin,” it becomes increasingly clear that while each component of the EP is not necessarily unique unto itself, the EP manages to soak up different sounds that have been heard before and render them in new ways.
     Yes, I’ve heard The Strokes, FIDLAR, Kings of Leon, and Incubus before. But I’d never in my life heard them all in combination with one another—let alone heard a sonically pleasing amalgamation of the bunch—until I listened to Edelweiss’ new EP. If you’re becoming jaded with the everyday Indie-Rock music you hear in everyday life, trade out the norm for a distinctive blend of sounds pulled from many different musical techniques and styles with Edelweiss’ "Philadelphia."
     “Species” by Edelweiss

      “Philadelphia” by Edelweiss in its entirety.

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