Thursday, November 19, 2015

“You Don’t Know Me” by Vinten – A Song Review

     “You Don’t Know Me” is a return to a childhood love. It may seem like a good idea to rekindle the flame, but you’re different people now. Thus the song title. 
     According to some sources, Vinten is singer/songwriter Cameron Paice. The Facebook page lists five members - Cameron Paice (vocals, guitar), Melissa Appleby (violin, keys), Alexander Biggs (lead guitar, backup vocals), Oscar Galt (bass) and Sebastian White (drums). It’s the often brooding violin that is the standout feature of the many song features we enjoy in “You Don’t Know Me.” Our favorite verse:
Just two young kids connected by a string. That’s you and me. But fate has a way working out, you’ll see… You don’t know me.”

     Vinten is a Melbourne band. They are scheduled to release any EP on December 18, 2015. The EP “What Has Been” will include “You Don’t know Me.”


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