Wednesday, November 25, 2015

“Close to Gold” by Hippo Campus – A Song Review

     “Close to Gold” is a result of the versatility of Hippo Campus. The Wu Lyf influence was present in other song by the band, but Hippo Campus remained true to their genre, “Kinda Pop” (quoting their self-identification on their Facebook page). Embedded below is the band’s performance of “Suicide Saturday” during a visit to Conan’s late night show. Yes, it’s Kinda Pop.
     On the other hand, “Close to Gold” is more aligned with the Wu Lyf sound, while retaining elements of the Hippo Campus sound. Wu Lyf self-identified its genre as “Heavy Pop.” To the eyes, the difference between Kinda Pop and Heavy Pop doesn’t appear very significant. But to the ears, the difference is undeniable. The vocals in “Suicide Saturday” are melodic. In comparison, the vocals in “Close to Gold” are choppy and somewhat defiant.
     “Close to Gold” is not the first venture of Hippo Campus toward the Wu Lyf campus. “Little Grace” is somewhere between the Kinda Pop of “Suicide Saturday” and the “Heavy Pop” of “Close to Gold.” However, that song more closely approaches “Kinda” than it does “Heavy.”

     The members of Hippo Campus are Jake Luppen (vocals), Nathan Stocker (guitar), Zach Sutton(bass) and Whistler Allen (drums).
     “Close to Gold”


     Hippo Campus on Conan - apologies if you must wait through a commercial.

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