Wednesday, November 4, 2015

“The Ocean And The Sea” by Bird Dog—A Song Review

By Rebecca Gross; Twitter: @becsgross

     Starting mellow with many natural tones, Bird Dog’s recent single, “The Ocean And The Sea,” crescendos into an array of powerful tones that are impossible to not enjoy. Initially, the song projects sounds you might encounter on an Indie Folk album.
            But my interest was piqued when the song evolved from sounding Folk-like to being heavier in drums and guitar, giving the song depth that is often overlooked within music that solely pulls from the Folk genre. Some modern Folk artists such as The Fleet Foxes or Edward Sharp And The Magnetic Zeroes have managed to create a similar vibe with their music—Folk instruments with harmonized or hymn like qualities.
            But “The Ocean And The Sea” seems to pull from many genres within one song, an incredible feat. The song transitions from sounding like a traditional ethereal song and becomes more reminiscent of an alternative/indie rock song that might be found on a Modest Mouse album. Just over half way through the song, passion explodes through exuberant, heavier downbeats and synchronized powerful voices.
            After hearing this song for the upcoming album, I have indescribable excitement for the group’s debut EP—“Misty Shrub”—which drops January 22. Until then, if you can’t get enough of Bird Dog, make sure to check them out live November 7 in Costa Mesa at The Wayfarer or November 12 in Venice at the Townhouse.

     “The Ocean And The Sea” by Bird Dog

      The members of the band are Maxim Rainer, Colton Dearing, Eric Arndt, Tyler Wimpee and Justin Kila. 

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