Tuesday, January 29, 2019

“Carry On” by Pip Sargeant – A Song Feature

      “Carry On” arrives with a guitar hook radiating attractiveness and a rhythm section projecting urgency. The guitar moves on, but later introduces an even more appealing hook – the high frequency guitar entering between the first and second verses. In comparison, the rhythm section is unrelenting, until the final seconds, when the tempo is intelligently progressively reduced.

     The single from Pip Sargeant is a tip of the cap to the proper perspective on life, an acknowledgement that self-worth is not based on how much money you can make for someone else. Bring it on: what’s next? From the start, Sargeant caresses the lyrics. His investment in the message is apparent from the start, as his cadence and inflections through the first verse vary frequently. “Carry On” can be streamed or purchased via a range of platforms - https://song.link/CarryOn.

     Pip Sargeant was born and educated in Australia, having majored in voice at Monash University's School of Music in Melbourne. Despite experiencing success with bands in Australia, Sargeant relocated to Vancouver, Canada in 2017. He describes “Carry On” as a song “written and recorded through a collaboration across home studios in Canada and Australia. It's a modern rock song about carrying on in the face of surmounting odds.”

     In Vancouver, Pip Sargeant has established himself as a solo artist, playing venues around downtown Vancouver, Whistler, and Cypress Mountain. His Facebook presence doesn’t currently show any upcoming opportunities to see Sargeant, but possible updates may be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/pg/pipsargeant/events/

     “Carry On” by Pip Sargeant

Lyrics of “Carry On” by Pip Sargeant
Isn't it funny?
How your brain can predict what's next
Oh, like a dog in a park with a ball in its mouth
He'll bring it back, wanting you to throw it just like you did…

It's really funny
Oh, you think that you've figured it out
So what's next?
What's next for this feeble little life?
Who's next in line to tell me "No"?
Who's next to say, "It's never gonna happen"?
So just stop

Who's next in line to give it a go?
To take a few hits and watch the blood flow?
Please stop.

Isn't it funny?
I almost started to believe myself
That all my worth
Was how much money
I could make for someone else

So just carry on, carry on, carry on, carry on
Caring cause I know you do

So just carry on, carry on, carry on, carry on
Caring cause I know you do

So what's… next?

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