Monday, January 14, 2019

“City” in the Band or Song Name

     With a quick scan of our list of blogworthy songs, the word “City” appeared to be a pattern. Here are the three City-related songs from the list. Yes, one is "Citizen," but we see it as part of the theme. We are confident that the band won't object to having their song posted.
     City Victim describe themselves as a post-punk/alternative band. They are based in Galway, Ireland. They plan to release singles while touring in 2019 in preparation of an album release.

      “Out of Sight” by City Victim

     MAUGER is a band in Ostend, Belgium. The members are Matthias Debusschere (bass, backing vocals), Jan Duthoy (keys, guitar, backing vocals), Mauger Mortier (vocals, acoustic guitar), and Jakob Nachtergaele (drums, percussion). Their full-length debut ‘Sunday Competition’ is set to drop in the spring of 2019 on the Kortrijk/Ghent-based label Mayway Records.

     “Come Back to the City” by MAUGER

     Their Bandcamp site states that Citizen Lost releases “melancholy music band from Russia, Moscow.”

     “So Far Away” by Citizen Lost

Lyrics of “So Far Away” by Citizen Lost
 If you feel you’ve lost your way
And it’s going down the drain
All the bridges have been burned
All the secrets left untold

If you think you've had enough
Hold your breath and count to one
Hold your breath and close your eyes
It's too late to run and hide

Sounds so cliché but it’s true
I’m still waiting here for you
There is nothing left to say

So far away
No sense to stay
So far away

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