Friday, January 4, 2019

“Pace” by Crooked Trees – A Song Feature

     Similar to a trumpet playing a fanfare to announce a person or event of significance, “Pace” begins with electric guitar that is attention-grabbing beyond its complexity. “Pace” is significant. The song from Crooked Trees would have fit comfortably within our list of best song of 2018 if the release date were slightly sooner. Between the electric guitar intro and the acoustic guitar outro, "Pace" is a vocal gem with engaging instrumental support.

      Crooked Trees is a duo hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. In “Pace,” the enticing electric guitar is from Kevin Spring, while the voice and acoustic guitar belong to Emil Salmi. The vocals are pleasing throughout the song, but we particularly favor the temporary shift to less soothing, more anguished Grunge-influenced vocals that enter at 3:31. Fittingly, the voice sounds more distant while bemoaning a sense of fading away.

     “Pace” is the lead track on the Crooked Trees’ EP “Flaws.” The six-song EP is embedded below as a Spotify stream. The first single to be released from the EP was "Vertigo,” which surfaced in November 2018. Crooked Trees credits the studio work of producer Lennart Östlund (former owner of legendary Polar Studios), Rolf Alex, and Rasmus Flyckt (Urban Cone, Producer). 

     “Pace” by Crooked Trees 

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